7th July 1992

164 A-1, Soundarya Apts, Eldam's Road, Madras-18

Dear Blanca,

Forgive our long silence.  We had misplaced your card, and lost your address, and discovered it only a couple of days ago.  As you will doubtless note, we now live in Madras at the address given above.  We recollect, with a good deal of pleasure, your visit to our home in Mysore.  Please come again.  We are now settled in Madras, visiting Mysore only in summer.  We feel grateful for your sending us cassette of Spanish Melody, and those books on Bull Fighting, which have given us a good deal of pleasure and entertainment.

Your city must be bracing up for the Olympics; you must be finding the crowds and activities tiresome, if you are not sports-minded.  I myself would run away from such a situation, though I might be in minority of one.  I am writing very little nowadays, feeling that I have produced enough load for literary shelves!  Tell me, please, about yourself -- your studies, teaching and so on.

With best wishes,

R. K. Narayan


Dear Blanca,

Sorry for this long silence.  My father has already given you the reason for our not writing to you and thanking you for the nice illustrated books you have sent about your country.  I only wish I could read Spanish, then I'd have enjoyed the books more.  Next time if you are coming to India we'll meet in Madras.  My husband Chandra sends you his love and best wishes.  Keep in touch with us.  I listened to the cassets and found them quite pleasing.

With love,


(Our address now is 'Soundarya Apts', 164A-1, Eldam's Road, Madras 600018. Phone: 91-44-[number deleted by editor])


Dear Blanca,

Thanks for the tapes and books -- the music is very good.  Mr Narayan's latest book 'Grand Mother's Tale' is getting published in a month or two -- we will mail a copy to you as soon as it is ready -- Regards -- Chandra